Heng Wang
About Us
Heng Wang company is located in Kong Meng Township, canal all the charm of the city of Jining, east of the " Oriental holy city" Qufu, west of the historic Beijing-Hangzhou the Grande Canale, South " Qilu " witty " Weishan Lake, " the five mountains north of the statue " of Taishan.
Jining Heng Wang mining machinery limited company is a collection of scientific research, sales, trade in an integrated enterprise. The company was established in 2002, the existing staff of more than 200 people, including engineering and expert 3 people, senior engineer 8 people, 28 people of network information technology, Electronic Commerce teacher 80 people, international trade specialist 18 people, logistics division 9, other types of technical personnel more than 50 people. According to market demand, professional production and operation of rock drilling equipment: pick, crushing machine, tamping machine, rock drill, wind coal drill, rotary drilling rig, anchor drilling machine, cutter, drill; electrical equipment: alarm lamp, tunnel lamp, junction box, sensor, pull rope switch; transportation equipment: car, winch, scraper rock loading machine, scraper conveyor; supporting equipment: hydraulic prop, cable clamp, hydraulic prop device, hydraulic or columns, beam; railway equipment: switch, car arrester, repair tools; pump equipment and electrical and other mining equipment and accessories.